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Jack in Coober Pedy SA Police Aide.

Dingo Dreaming

Dingo Dreaming is the  name  of  our new Gallery, located in Blyth SA.

Named after Traditional Yankuntjatjara Elder: Katatjunti - Jack Crombie.

Jack's dreaming is the Dingo.

The  Gallery  contains  a Self Guided Audio Tour that  Showcases the extrodinary  life  of Jack, from wearing no clothes in the outback as a child to modelling for RM Williams.

Rodeo  circuits  with  The  Gill  Bro’s,  Tracking  and  the  Police Force.

Jack modelling for RM Williams, as featured in the Magazine - Hooves and Horns.

Gallery and more

DIngo Dreaming is not only a Gallery of beautiful traditional dot paintings, there is an Audio Self Guided Tour of Artifacts.

Gifts, Apparel, Home wares, Dot paintings, Bush Rubs and much more for sale.


Where are we?

A scenic 10 minute drive down the Clare Hills from Clare, located in the Historic town of Blyth SA.

1.5  Hours  North  of  Adelaide  SA.

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